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Heroes Don't Wear Capes

True stories of heroism from those who had the courage to act.
When you’re called to act… what will you do?

In 2013, comic book sales reached its highest level in a generation… private citizens worldwide donned costumes as part of a growing real – life super hero movement… and superhero-base movies remained Hollywood’s biggest box office draw. What is driving this rising superhero craze in our mainstream culture?

The Wright Brothers want an answer. Follow them on an odyssey that begins at Comic-Con, then leads them in a search to discover if there are genuine heroes among us.

This riveting docudrama dramatizes the pulse-pounding stories of remarkable individuals the Wrights cross paths with in their quest. They represent 4 generations, who play diverse roles - athlete, philanthropist, social activist and soldier – engaging their lives by taking action. This is an eye-opening window into the minds of the brave few who have accomplished true acts of heroism, demonstrating that real heroes don’t wear capes.

What is more vital about these heroes stories is the profound connection that we can make with them because we know that if they could achieve this extraordinary feat, then maybe we can aspire to achieve it too.

Press 1 For English

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“Press 1 For English”

This is a film the U.S. government does not want you to see. Press 1 For English exposes how the government has betrayed you, as it explores the unenforced immigration policies of the United States of America. Take a ride with two adventurous filmmakers (The Wright Brothers) as they trek along our southern border to investigate the lawlessness that has ravaged this part of the country. Witness how the devastating effects of crime, murder, drug trafficking, narco-terrorism, smuggling, lax border enforcement and violence have turned the communities of the southwest into the wild west again.

  • Press 1 For English is a film about how your government has failed you.
  • Press 1 For English is a film that examines the sickness that has infested the corrupt hiring practices of U.S. businesses.
  • This film will show you how the flood gates for legal immigration have been left open, and how quickly your community is changing… over-night.

For years you have wanted to see a documentary that takes an honest, forthright look at U.S. immigration without interpretation, and now… you finally have it. Press 1 For English is one of the most profound political movies you will ever see.

 Producers / Directors 
Kris and Kerry Wright