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Greeting television and movie fans!  Wright Brothers Pictures Entertainment is very happy to have you visiting our website today!  This site is the official archival work dedicated to the award winning documentary and narrative films that we have made. In our tireless efforts to bring these excellent films to you, film enthusiasts, we assure you that we have done our absolute best to inject the very finest in entertainment and information into our stories.  In movies, stories are everything.  They are what move you through knowledge, they are what move you through emotion, and they are what we move you with here, at Wright Brothers Pictures.

Our film works have received awards, accolades and recognition from U.S. Senators, Congressman, Military Colonels and Generals, from the various branches of service, as well as Film Festivals from around the country.

For years you have wanted to see films that takes an honest, non partisan look at what is going on in the world around us… and now you finally have it.  Our films are some of the most profound social experiences that you will ever have.
Go ahead and see for yourself.  These films won't bite you.  We promise.


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 Producers / Directors 
Kris and Kerry Wright